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Other names of the Gandhak: Gandh Pahan, Sugant, Parmari (destroyer of palm-itching), Navneetak, Shukpanch, Bali and Birlas etc.

Defects of Gandhak: Gandhak consumption leads to leprosy, fever, pile disease, semen and health are destroyed, therefore, should be used only by purifying of gandhak.

Awalasar Gandhak of Shri Sharma Ayurveda Mandir is used in high quality amount. And after its purification, it is packed for sale.

Put the clay in an iron vessel and put it on the fire, when melted, add the granulated powder of gandhak into the cauldron of equal quantity of the molasses, as gandhak starts melting then put it in milk. After washing it out with warm water, keep it dry. Often, small particles of clay and mud etc. are also found in the gandhak, so when the sulfur is melted in a pan, tie a clean cloth over the milk. Put the gandhak on the cloth, by which filtering should be left only in the milk and the pebble should be left in the cloth. This refines to 3-4 times.

Properties of Gandhak– In Shudh gandhak rasayan, sweet and bitter taste is found in juice. It cleanses the scabs (itching) and by nature, it also improves digestion. It removes the oil from skin layer and also helps in the constipation process. It enhances the strength of semen. The worm and spleen growth is the destroyer.

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