Mahayograj Guggulu


Mahayograj Guggulu is a synergistic blend of purifying herbs. The tablet aids in the elimination of excess Vata from the joints, nerves, and muscles. Furthermore, it is useful in the treatment of rheumatism, osteoarthritis, joint discomfort, mental disorders, piles, sprue, diabetes, gout, fistula, bloating, emaciation, low digestion power, asthma, cold, cough, anorexia, male and female infertility and cardiac disorders. Helps relieve joint pain and treat joint diseases.

महायोगराज गुग्गुलु जड़ी-बूटियों को शुद्ध करने का एक सहक्रियात्मक मिश्रण है। यह टैबलेट जोड़ों, नसों और मांसपेशियों से अतिरिक्त वात को खत्म करने में मदद करती है। इसके अलावा, यह गठिया, पुराने ऑस्टियोआर्थराइटिस, जोड़ों की परेशानी, मानसिक विकार, बवासीर, स्प्रू, मधुमेह, गाउट, फिस्टुला, सूजन, क्षीणता, कम पाचन शक्ति, अस्थमा, सर्दी, खांसी, एनोरेक्सिया, पुरुष और महिला बांझपन के उपचार में उपयोगी है। हृदय संबंधी विकार। जोड़ों के दर्द को दूर करने और जोड़ों के रोगों का इलाज करने में मदद करता है।

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Did You Know

The skeleton of a newborn baby has approximately 300 different components, which are a mixture of bones and cartilage. The cartilage eventually solidifies into bone in a process called ossification.


Mahayograj Gugg Helps to relieve the problems. related to aggravated vata dosha in joints as well as muscles and nerves.

Useful in Joint pain, Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, cold cough, swelling and eye problems.

Ayurvedic View

  • Mahayograj Guggulu tablets are helpful in the treatment of joint-related issues such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism and others
  • Helps to relieve joint pain and treat joint-related diseases
  • It aids in the treatment of Vata diseases such as cough, sciatica nerve pain and paralysis
  • It helps in maintaining digestive health, female fertility and cardiac health
  • It contains Pippalimool that supports healthy liver functioning, blood circulation and relaxes nerves



1 to 2 tablets after meals with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.


1 to 2 tablets after meals with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.

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