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Ayurveda is a holistic form of medicine manufactured from natural sources which have been enhancing a healthy way of life since ancient times. It is founded on a concept of safety and efficacy in ayurveda products, which explicitly avoid harmful side effects, providing the basis of quality standards. The result has been traditional and authentically eco-friendly and consumer-friendly natural medicinal products.

The most important element in the manufacturing process is the time-tested traditional knowledge which is sometimes difficult to explain in terms of conventional science. However, as Ayurveda is a science itself, it has adopted and updated technology appropriately.

Research is not new to Ayurveda and has sustained it’s ultimate knowledge system. The uniqueness and authenticity of ayurvedic science has been established over millennia and validated by millions of practitioners into an authoritative repertory. Ayurveda’s authoritative knowledge of applied pharmacy has been based on essential research conducted on all formulae. The traditional wisdom of Ayurveda and scientific methodology has combined to extract medicinal properties following Good Manufacturing Practices and high quality standards.

Using modern technology, our dedicated Research & Development Centre provides user-friendly dosage forms. Its staff is well-qualified and trained in natural product development. It is highly skilled and painstaking work rather than a purely scientific process, working with Ayurvedic recipes in order to preserve the natural healing properties of plants in the finished product. Most ayurvedic products are polyherbal or herb-mineral preparations and are highly complicated biological or chemical compounds which synergistically act in the human body. In our R & D processes, we ensure safety and efficacy of the final product in order to maintain the highest standards of quality. The Research and Development Centre is located at the Sharmayu Ayurveda Hospital, the pioneering private Ayurveda Medical Research Centre in India, and has access to extensive rare and old Ayurvedic texts.

We at Sharmayu Group have a long tradition of new product design and development culture, resulting in over 30 new products over the last fifteen years. These have included various ayurvedic tonics, oils, teas, capsules, soaps, creams etc.

The Product Development Committee which consists of reputed Ayurvedic physicians, leading Ayurveda academia and former members of the Ayurveda Drug Formula Committee of the Ministry of Health and Department of Ayurveda, meet regularly to discuss, test and analyse new products and formulations and recommend them for patient trials.

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