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Experience the power of nature’s pain relief with Painflex Oil. This carefully crafted blend of Ayurvedic herbs tackles all kinds of aches and pains, especially those aggravated by monsoon and winter chills. Its natural ingredients target rheumatic pain, providing soothing comfort without harsh chemicals.

For external use only.

Painflex Oil is available in a 50ml bottle.

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Did You Know

Around 90% of people between the age of 60-65 years usually suffer from damaged knee joints, according to orthopaedic surgeons.


Painflex Oil’s herbal warriors conquer all types of pain. Rheumatic discomfort melts away, leaving you free to move and enjoy.

Ayurvedic View

  • Dosha balancing: Formulated with herbs targeting specific dosha imbalances that cause pain, promoting internal harmony.
  • Natural pain relief: Combines potent Ayurvedic herbs like ginger, turmeric, and others known for their pain-relieving properties.
  • Joint nourishment: Goes beyond symptom relief, nourishing joints and tissues for long-term pain management and prevention.
  • Gentle and safe: Avoids harsh chemicals and side effects, offering a holistic and gentler approach to pain relief.
  • Mind-body harmony: Calming aroma and soothing action support mental well-being, further easing pain and promoting overall balance.

Apply gently on shoulder joints, elbow joints, and knees. Massage gently on the back.

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